Television talk show hostess Chelsea Handler has called Justin Bieber as the worst person she has ever interviewed. Handler, 40, said she felt very “uncomfortable” when the Canadian pop star tried to flirt with her in her E! talk show “Chelsea Lately.” Let’s find out the details.

The comedian recently opened up about Bieber in an exclusive interview with Variety. “He tried to flirt with me and it was so uncomfortable,” Handler told the website. She also said that she felt like a “child molester” when the then-child star got extra friendly with her.

“Like, that’s his schtick. He would come on and flirt with you and you just felt like a child molester right away. And I didn’t want to feel that way,” Handler said.

“I think he does that with everybody,” she said further, adding that she was “not sexually attracted to a child.

Bieber appeared on “Chelsea Lately” in 2011 on Valentine’s Day, when he was just 15-year-old. However, according to Inquisitr, it was Hander who was flirting with the teenager on her show.

“When do you have regular time to, you know, look at pictures of me?” “Do you think you picked that up from me in our relationship?” Handler told Bieber in the 2011 interview.

“Do you want me to get you one of those massage chairs?” “I’m so excited that we’re spending Valentine’s Day together!” she said further. Handler also flirted with Bieber saying that she finds it “embarrassing” every time she sees the singer with another woman.

“How do you think that makes me feel as a woman?” she is seen asking Bieber in that video. Check out below:

Handler has been anti-Bieber and is quite open about it. In 2014, she told Ronan Farrow that she does not care about Bieber. “There’s only so many years you can talk about Justin Bieber,” she said. “I don’t care about him and I can’t pretend that I do.”

‘Beliebers’ or fans of Justin Bieber took to Twitter to express their anger at Handler’s recent comments. Check out the Twitter reactions below: