“Top Chef” Season 9 winner Paul Qui has been arrested for purportedly assaulting his girlfriend.

The celebrity Austin Chef was arrested after police were called to his apartment early on Saturday morning. The police found his girlfriend, Stephanie Rodriguez, in tears and Paul covered in blood.

Austin police say Paul Qui was charged with unlawful restraint, Class A misdemeanor and assault causing physical injury to a family member, states Fox News.

Considering the arrest affidavit seen by Kxan, Rodriguez and her child were asleep when Qui came home in the middle of the night with a group of friends and began indulging in drugs and alcohol.

The men went on to wake up Rodriguez and asked her for joining them for a few drinks. The victim said she agreed and joined the party and had a couple of drinks.

This made the ex-“Top Chef” contestant very furious. He started to blame those who were there of flirting with his girlfriend.

After driving his friends out of the premises, the intoxicated Paul supposedly started knocking over furniture and breaking the glass. She then grabbed some of her things and tried to leave with her son, but said Qui “stood in front of the door” and blocked her exit and “forcibly pushed her and her son away.” Rodriguez conveyed to Kxan . Soon he picked her up and began throwing her against walls and doors while stopping her from leaving.

Rodriguez, the victim alleges that Paul was drunk at the time and also high on multiple types of drugs. “Qui is very controlling and extremely jealous,” she said.

The arrest affidavit further informs, Qui confessed, “to not allowing Rodriguez to leave the apartment because he wanted the police to come and witness all the damage in the apartment” and added that he “wanted to be able to let know his side of the story.” Qui stated his girlfriend did not assault him and that “he was only grabbing and holding her so she didn’t leave before police arrived.”

Sources say Paul posted $20,000 bond and was released later that day. However, if these allegations prove true, he may have to face a downfall in his flourishing career.