Charlie Puth visited Manila, Philippines last Sunday and made Filipino fans really happy with his new album. More than that, it’s because Filipino actress Liza Soberano caught the attention of the American singer-songwriter. Liza has a huge following in the Philippines and her fans were quite happy that the Grammy-nominated singer noticed the actress.

While staying at his hotel room, Charlie spent a lot of free time on his own. Eventually, he came across a local movie entitled Everyday I Love You featuring the Filipino actress. As he watched the film, he documented himself giving his own lines to the characters. He seems to have enjoyed the film especially that Liza Soberano was part of the production.

Before his concert last Sunday, the One Call Away singer asked Liza if she will come to his show. However, Liza’s manager claimed that the actress had prior plans. Hence, she was not able to attend his concert. Liza politely declined Charlie’s invitation. She replied and tweeted back, “@charlieputh sorry I couldn’t make it!! Hope to see you next time around.”

Charlie Puth admitted that he likes Liza Soberano, PhilStar Global reported. During his show, he told fans how he decided to invite the young actress. Fans cheered and screamed when the singer made the confession.

“Apparently, I am attracted to this young actress (Liza)…  sent her an invite, I’m just saying I sent her an invite but she’s busy,” Charlie told the crowd.

Watch Charlie Puth in the video below:

Although some fans ship Liza Soberano and Charlie Puth, it seems the actress has her eyes set on someone else – her onscreen partner. The Filipino actress is part of the “LizQuen” love team which has a huge fanbase in the country. In most local movies and television shows, Liza Soberano is paired with Enrique Gil.

In July, the two stars admitted that they treat each other “like boyfriend and girlfriend”. However, they revealed that they are waiting for their parents’ blessings, another PhilStar Global report said.