Charlie Puth, who is better known for his popular song, “Marvin Gaye,” said in his recent interview that he is keen to snog or kiss Justin Bieber’s ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez. Puth was recently asked about his choices in a game called “snog, marry, avoid” and this is what the singer said about Ellen DeGeneres, Gomez and his mentor Meghan Trainor.

“Ellen wouldn’t wanna kiss me and I’ve already, for the performance, kissed Meghan. I’d love to snog Selena, which wouldn’t be too hard. I would love to, but I don’t wanna avoid Meghan,” Puth told Britain’s Heat magazine, according to

“I mean, could I avoid her [Meghan] for 20 minutes because she’s a really good girl? Then, I guess, marry Ellen? That’s really weird. I don’t think Ellen wants to marry me. She’s already taken, but snogging Selena… there we go. Sorry Selena, if you’re reading this,” he added.

Charlie Puth however made clear that he and the “Good For You” singer Gomez are just good friends. “Oh no, she’s my friend. I consider her my musical collaborator,” Puth said, further praising Gomez.

“The best thing about Selena is that, when she’s being nice, it’s not an act at all. She’s really being genuine, that’s why I like her so much.” The “See You Again” singer then went on to say that Gomez was not treated nicely in the past. Though the singer did not take Bieber’s name but readers are aware of the fact that Gomez has been in an on and off relationship with the Canadian pop star since last two years.

“I care a lot about that girl. She was really mistreated in the past and now I’m out spreading the good word,” Puth said.

The 24-year-old singer has also collaborated with Gomez on his latest album, “Nine Track Mind,” which released on Jan. 29. Charlie Puth told GQ magazine in his recent interview that he recorded Gomez’s voice in a very natural way.

“Selena [Gomez, who is featured on the album] in a closet in my lawyer’s house that I was staying at before I moved into my new house. No vocal booth, no studio treatment. Nothing fancy. It’s more personal that way,” he added.