Charlie Puth visited Manila, Philippines for the second time last weekend for his one night show. But this time, it seems a famous Filipino celebrity caught the eye of the famous singer. The One Call Away hitmaker even asked if she will attend his concert.

Charlie’s last show in Manila happened in October 2015. He returned to the Philippines for his show featuring songs from his latest album, Nine Track Mind. The singer debuted his newest album at the Kia Theatre in Quezon City, Philippines.

Ahead of his performance for Sunday, it seems Charlie Puth had a lot of free time on his own. Somehow, fans caught the singer watching a Filipino movie during his spare time. Not only that, he decided to dub the said film. In a series of snaps, added his own version of the characters’ lines in the local film, Everyday I Love You. The film featured local stars namely Liza Soberano, Enrique Gil and Gerald Anderson.

Watch Charlie Puth in the video below:

Meanwhile, it seems the singer wanted to meet one of the film’s lead stars and one of the Philippines’ most famous stars, Liza Soberano. The American singer/songwriter posted a tweet to Liza to ask if she will attend his concert in Manila.

Unfortunately, Liza’s manager explained that the actress had prior plans, ABSCBN News reported as per Manila Bulletin. A few weeks ago, Liza shared a photo featuring Charlie’s ex Selena Gomez, whom she revealed is her idol.

This is not the first time that Liza caught the attention of a music artist who visited the Philippines.

In January, British pop band The Vamps lead guitarist James McVey gave a special shoutout to the Filipino actress. During a TV interview, McVey said:

“We spoke a couple of weeks ago and I’m gonna text her tonight so hopefully we’ll see each other in the concert,” McVey told ABS-CBN News back in January. “Liza, if you’re watching, I’ll sing to you tomorrow at the show,” he further added.

Liza Soberano, whose real name is Hope Elizabeth Soberano, is one of the hottest stars in the Philippines to date. She has appeared in numerous TV commercials, local films and television shows. Rumours earlier revealed that she auditioned to be part of Spiderman: Homecoming. However, the actress denied such claims.