The Chainsmokers and Charlie Puth had their shows in Manila, Philippines recently. Both music artists noticed popular Filipino actress Liza Soberano. What does her onscreen partner, Enrique Gil, think of Liza’s new admirers?

The young Filipino actress isn’t new in getting attention from international celebrities. When The Vamps visited Manila last January, James McVey even gave a special shoutout to her. The British pop band member at the time said, “Liza, if you’re watching, I’ll sing to you tomorrow at the show.”

And just recently, Charlie Puth spotted Liza while watching the local film Everyday I Love You. The Grammy-nominated singer decided to dub the said film. In a series of snaps, he added his own version of the characters’ lines and commented that it’s his way of “narrating” Philippine TV.

He decided to invite Liza to his concert which made Liza Soberano fans really excited. In a tweet, he asked the young actress, “you coming tonight?” However, the actress had already prior plans. The actress politely declined the One Call Away singer’s invitation and said, “sorry I couldn’t make it!! Hope to see you next time around”.

Although Liza was not able to attend his concert, Charlie Puth still thought about her in one of his interviews. “Apparently, I am attracted to this young actress (Liza)…  sent her an invite, I’m just saying I sent her an invite but she’s busy,” Charlie told the crowd. This statement, of course, made the crowd scream with joy.

After Charlie Puth’s statement, The Chainsmokers revealed in a tweet that they are “in a love triangle” with the Nine Track Mind hitmaker.

Check out The Chainsmokers’ tweet about Liza Soberano:

In an interview with, The Chainsmokers revealed that they knew about Liza Soberano as fans demanded them to send her an invitation.

“I just read about some hot girl. People kept on tweeting us to invite to the show. She’s an actress, I think. What’s her name? She’s like a hot chick. I saw Charlie Puth invited her [via Twitter],” Alex Pall said.

Meanwhile, onscreen partner and rumoured real-life boyfriend Enrique Gil was asked about his thoughts on Liza’s admirers. The young actor revealed that he doesn’t feel threatened at all.

“I feel blessed, [too]… That goes to show [that] people appreciate Liza’s beauty and personality,” he said in another interview.