Atletico Madrid has advanced to the Champions League finals. They face home town rivals Real Madrid and is set to give a derby day for Spain. With the Champions League title in sight, here are 5 reasons why Atletico Madrid will win the title.

Goal Set: The Club’s First Title Win

While Real Madrid has had 10 titles to their name, Atletico is still looking for their very first win. With these goal in mind, Diego Simone’s boys are fired up more than ever to win the game and bag their first ever title.

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Atletico Madrid Out For Vengeance

ESPN cites Atletico’s loss to Real Madrid that cost the club a chance to advance to the European league for the last two years as enough to fuel the desire to avenge their team’s reputation.

Collective Playing Strategy As Their Ace

Notable for the lack of star players like Ronaldo, the team does not rely on a single player to bring home the goals. Rather, they play collectively with the Simeone’s staunch belief that a team which concedes fewer goals, wins more games, Telegraph writes.

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Atletico Madrid’s Consecutive Wins

With 5 consecutive wins in the league while ending up on the winning side 9 out of their previous 10 games, Atletico Madrid is surely in their best winning form.

Diego Simeone, The Tactician of the Gameplay

Called by The National as one of the finest tactician’s among the leagues coaches, Diego’s guidance gives his players the best defense strategy that other clubs have a hard time going past. With Diego Simeone, Atletico Madrid is one of the most brutal clubs one can meet on the playing field.

Atletico Madrid is set to play against Real Madrid on May 29 at the San Siro Stadium  in Milan.