CES 2016 brought with it some really great products and Sony’s intense presence was felt at the event when the company announced one offering after another.

As shared on the official Sony blog, the list of the products ranges from a 4K HDR television to an amped up audio range, a turntable (yes, you read that right!) to a 4K video streaming app among others that were launched on the day.

The tech giant unveiled a 4K HDR LCD TV series to give some stiff competition to the other range of televisions launched at CES. With access to Google Play Store and a great design, the 4K HDR Bravia lineup from Sony is something to watch out for. The series is expected to be made available in “early 2016.” So those wanting to get their hands on this product won’t have to wait long.

The company also uncovered a whole new audio range dubbed as the h.ear which consists of h.ear wireless noise cancelling headphones, in-ear headphones as well as h.ear go which is the hi-res wireless speakers. These offerings should be hitting store shelves sometime in Spring 2016.

The company’s hi-res audio range also includes a Walkman, which will arrive bundled with “matching h.ear in headphones.” Then there is also the option of EXTRA BASS wireless headphones and speakers.

Furthermore, the company also introduced a range of camcorders boasting Balanced Optical SteadyShot to be made available in February this month. The price range on the camcorders begins from $399.99. As for the turntable in question, music lovers can convert their favorite vinyl collections into High-Resolution audio with the offering .

As shared by The Verge, Sony’s CEO Kaz Hirai also revealed that the company sold over 5.7m PlayStation 4 units during the holiday season bringing the sales to a total of 35.9m units, around the globe.

Fans who missed the Sony CES 2016 Press Conference can watch a replay here. Sony aficionados can keep coming back for more updates as a variety of products are gearing up to be arriving from the company.