“Celebrity MasterChef” UK 2016 is the eleventh season of the star-studded cookery show. The show, which premiered on June 22, didn’t seem to bring luck to “So Macho” singer Sinitta as she almost poisoned the judges with her awful cookery skills.

If we take an account of Sinitta’s terrible cooking skills, the show might have a faint chance of lasting long. Will “Celebrity MasterChef’s” further episodes be cancelled? Are the judges too terrified to try any more celebrity dishes?

On two occasions, the songster tried to serve the judges John Torode and Gregg Wallace under cooked fish and lamb. However, the duo refused to taste the dishes which managed to prevent any disaster.  The 52-year-old showed her talent doesn’t belong in the kitchen even though she claims herself as one expert cook.  She may be brilliant with mic, but not with pans and knives.

“Celebrity MasterChef” turned into a disaster with Sinitta serving raw aubergine. John expressed “Your aubergine is not very nice and the lamb tastes of just processed lamb.”

Gregg added, ‘That’s raw meat! I don’t know what to say as the meat and the pastry are raw and it’s a meat and pastry dish. Not good, I’m afraid,” reports Mail Online.

However, the problems didn’t end there, as Sinitta also left the fish skin on her cod while she prepared a soup. Although they have seen many cookery catastrophes over the years, the judges refused to eat the dishes for fear of falling sick.

Sinitta is Simon Cowell’s right-hand woman who was once branded a ‘one-hit wonder’ during a restaurant row with a wiggle.

Sinitta disappointed the viewers. Some found her so clueless in the kitchen. According to Mirror, fans expressed frustration on Twitter.


Meanwhile, let’s hear an honest confession from the singer:

As she fails to impress the judges on the first day, Sinitta had to face the elimination from “Celebrity MasterChef”. We assume the judges might have breathed a sigh of relief.  And the show will continue, till its scheduled finale episode.

“Celebrity MasterChef” 2016 includes 20 well-known faces from the industries of music, sport, social media, and show business. The list comprises Tommy Cannon, Donna Air, Marcus Butler, Laila Morse, Sid Owen and much more.