Celebrity Chef Curtis Stone has a parenting tip for the involved parent. He believes that it is okay for kids to stay hungry if they do not want to eat what is served to them.

Many parents worry when kids refuse to eat the meal that is cooked. Worried about their children’s nutrition, most end up cooking food of their kids’ choice every single meal time. According to Chef Stone, this has to stop.

The chef, who is a father to two sons, believes that parents should stop indulging fussy and picky eaters. He told Herald Sun that parents worry a lot about their kids being hungry. Some parents also let their children dictate what children eat and Chef Stone says this should not be the case. “Say you make a fish pie and the kids won’t eat it; I’d wrap it up, put it away and offer it again later when they’re hungry,” he said. “I don’t see the big deal in letting kids go hungry a few times. They’ll eat when they’re hungry,” he added.

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According to Daily Mail, while criticising parents, Stone also urged the parents to be careful about the food they give their children. “Of course one day he will be invited to a party at a fast food restaurant and I’m not going to say no, you can live a life of course, but you are in charge of his day to day,” he said.

Stone’s words of wisdom got mixed reactions. Some stand by each and every word of advice given by the chef while there are others who beg to differ. Lana Hirschowitz wrote in News.com.au that it was easy for parents to offer advice when their children eat well but there are many others who struggle at meal times. Hirschowitz added that it was sheer hard work to get a toddler to eat irrespective of the type of parent one was because experts opine that 50 percent of all toddlers refuse to eat the new food at least half of the time.

“When did we switch from listening to experts to listening to celebrities?” she asked. “Is it this age of social media and celebs detailing every minute of their lives with the public that leads us to look to the ‘perfect’ family for answers rather than the good old-fashioned (and admittedly less sexy) field experts?” she added.

Here are a few reactions to Chef Curtis Stone’s parenting views.