Celebrity Big Brother 2016 said goodbye to two more housemates. However, one evictee seemed to have a lot to say about the popular reality TV show. Her revelations could support earlier allegations that the competition is rigged.

Sam Fox and Katie Waissel were the seventh and eighth evictees from the Big Brother house. They left the show last Tuesday. However, their exit interview with Emma Willis revealed a bad encounter Sam Fox had with fellow housemate Stephen Bear.

According to Sam, Bear coaxed her into a magic trick. Admitting to her own naivete, she played along. Although she did make him promise she would not get hurt, Sam still got hurt. Apparently, it was bad enough for her to require an eye patch. Moreover, she feared it would cause her to go blind as her contact lens moved due to the water entering her eye.

Surprisingly, the incident was missing from the television telecast. Thus, viewers were quick to point it out as further proof the show is fixed. Recently, accusations hit producers about an alleged leak of eviction results. Prior to the official announcement at 10:30 p.m., news of DJ James Whale’s eviction supposedly came out 12 hours earlier. Was the omission a strategy to keep Bear on the show? @StuartOsmond remarked it could have been. @LadyBfothergill surmised showing it would necessitate taking him off the show permanently.

Sam also admitted Bear’s antics on Celebrity Big Brother 2016 is likely amusing to some. Thus, would he have fewer complaints than Marco-Pierre White Jr? However, his bullying does not faze her given her 33 years in the business, according to The Sun.

“I definitely think Bear is the biggest game player – he never ceases to surprise me that’s for sure. When you think the day is going good, he always does something to antagonize the house. At the beginning he was a bully, but I gave him what for – anything he gave me, I gave it straight back. He probably deserves to win because he’s been such a nutcase,” Sam said about Bear.

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