The Cavaliers vs Raptors Game 6 is happening! The Cavs are looking forward to finishing the series and going to the finals after their win 3-2 on Wednesday.

The game showed a more energetic and competitive Cavs team who did not give the Raptors a chance to close the gap between them.

Cavaliers vs Raptors Game 6

Who: Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Toronto Raptors

When: Friday, May 27 at 8:30 p.m.

Where: Air Canada Center, Toronto


There are some things that the Cavs can do in order to seal their way into the finals.

First, the Raptors guards, especially Kyle Lowry, should be kept from getting into action. This is crucial since Lowry has the tendency to have high confidence and the Raptors seem to feed off his energy.

The Cavs is predicted to place enough pressure on Lowry in order for him to give the ball up by trapping him, just like what they did in Game 5.

The Cavs can also work towards not becoming too dependent on three-point shots. The Cavaliers may have the ability to take any team from long range but too many unnecessary threes may play well for the Raptors.

The Toronto Raptors have players that are capable of going off the block, good at making their own shots and various pick n roll pairs.

The Cavs can also look for ways they can get Kevin Love involved in the game early. They could make Love get on the block, where he can do what he likes to do.

Since he is struggling with defense, lacks lateral speed, getting him heated up early in the first quarter can place pressure on the other team. This can easily break the Raptors early.

Fear the Sword thinks that it will be the last game for the two teams with the Cavs getting into the finals.

According to MNR Daily, you can watch Cavaliers vs Raptors Game 6 via online streaming through the NBA website.