Hulu’s Golden Globe-nominated show Casual is the new name for summer entertainment.  Yes, you read it right. It is the perfect blend of emotion, character portrayal and comedy that keeps a viewer glued to his seat.  The season 2 of the show was premiered on June 7. However, do not fret if you missed it.  The episodes can be watched online, details mentioned below. Plus the storyline and the characters are also described in brief. Keep reading.

“Casual” is a name Hulu can count on to be on the top of the leaderboard competing with the mammoth online streaming media Netflix. The first season of the show was premiered on October 7, 2015. Instead of the plot, the series put more stress on the characters but they became the key factors for “Casual’s” success. In fact, it inspired for show’s renewal with a season 2 which also has a strong plot to follow.

The story revolves around three major characters. A bachelor brother Alex and his newly divorced sister, Valerie live together with Valerie’s teenage daughter, Laura under one roof. Together, they guide each other through the crazy world of dating.

Funny woman Michaela Watkins’ acting brilliance reached its heights through Valerie. Her character is a psychologist who is getting back into the dating world to overcome her recent experience of divorce.

Tommy Dewey’s character Alex is different from those stereotype versions of brothers seen on TV or in movies. Alex is a funny, soft, and gentle brother who owns a dating site but incapable of finding love, Bustle learned.

Tara Lynne Barr as teenage Laura sets a perfect example of tender curious mind.  She is sexually active but the show also underlined the concerns related to underage drinking and sex tapes.

Watch the Official Trailer of Casual Season 2

What’s so appealing about Casual is that at first glance it looked like, if not a bent rom-com, then a fresh take on dating. “Casual” seems more realistic than most comedy series. Staying close to realism, show’s characters and the storyline has been set up. Nothing has been exaggerated that can spoil the lifelike essence of the story. The best part is that though the show started funny and got serious, it never went gloomy. Three main characters along with a few supporting and guest stars did a wonderful job of delivering reality sprinkled with comedy.

You can catch up on the missed episodes of “Casual” season 2 on the sites mentioned below.

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Casual continues next Tuesday with ‘Bicycle Thieves” on Hulu.