Country music singer, Carrie Underwood does not mind having more kids. Underwood, mom of 14-month-old Isaiah Michael enjoys motherhood so much that she cannot wait to have more kids.

The 33-year-old singer adds that the busy schedule of her and husband prevents them from further thinking about the possibility.

Isaiah was born on Feb. 27 last year with her husband, NHL player Mike Fisher. Following their engagement in 2009, the couple got married in July 2010.

In spite of her busy schedule, Underwood is able to devote plenty of time to him. Unlike her, her son is not vegetarian and he prefers to eat everything. She believes her son is a “good guy.”

Isaiah has an interest in singing, climbing and eating. He would mimic people very easily, the actress said to People. The 14-month-old toddler is also taking cues from the singer on how to pose, US magazine reports.

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During the early months of pregnancy, the singer thought that she is having a girl. “I don’t like surprises and there’s no such thing as gender-neutral baby clothes. When we discovered we were expecting a healthy baby boy we were so excited. I wouldn’t change him for the world,” the actress told The Belfast Telegraph. Now the child is everything to the singer and she cannot imagine the world without the baby.

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On May 1, Underwood won Best Female Vocalist Award at the ACC Awards in Inglewood, CA. The singer dedicated the award in memory of 10-year-old Thibodeaux, who died in a car crash on April 24 while returning from the singer’s concert, The Advetiser reports.