Former Foreign Minister Bob Carr said that newly-installed Deputy Prime Minister (PM) and Nationals Leader Barnaby Joyce has an “element of Trump.”

Like the US presidential hopeful Donald Trump, Carr said Joyce’s controversial character should not be tolerated. Carr said Joyce can ignite PM Malcolm Turnbull’s “pulsing temper,” The Australian reported. “Those of us who know and love Malcolm know that there is a pulsating temper there ready to explode,” Carr went on to say.

Carr, a one-time Labor senator and NSW premier, also described Joyce as a comedian and erratic. “When Malcolm Turnbull is overseas or on leave, there will have to be people from his office … you probably need about 20 of them … to filter every thought he has and to be there at his side when he is planning his comments and doing his interviews,” he said.

“There is an element of the Trump in him, I think, ” Carr added.

However, former Liberal leader John Hewson said that Joyce will mature into the job soon, citing that the latter has what it takes to be deputy PM. Joyce was elected to the position yesterday after former Deputy PM Warren Truss’s retirement from politics. 

PM Turnbull and Deputy PM Joyce both share a pragmatic look today, but Joyce denied any gulf between them. “That means that both Malcolm and myself I believe see the world through the prism of practicality and making sure that we’re not tied to any philosophy but tied to a desire to try to do the very best for our nation and the very best for the people we represent,” Joyce told ABC Radio.

“I think he’s [Turnbull] putting a brave face on it because I think he recognises he’s got a difficult management task moving forward,” Hewson told Sky News.

Joyce made it to international headlines last year after threatening to euthanise two Yorkshire terriers belonging to actor Johnny Depp. “It’s time that Pistol and Boo buggered off back to the United States,” Joyce said in a video message, Huffington Post reported.