Well-known vocational education provider Careers Australia has been alleged of compelling students to take admissions into expensive courses and pay for the same.

According to reports, the educational service provider has a number of call centers across the nation that put pressure on people to enroll into unaffordable courses. A Perth resident, 18-year-old Tory Hattrick, told the ABC on Wednesday that a Careers Australia’s call center executive tricked him to enroll into an online leadership and management program worth $17,000.

Hattrick said that he did not expect any such call from Careers Australia as he did not apply for any course enrollment. The reports have indicated that the vocational course provider obtained the contact details of the victim from a job portal where he signed in to hunt for jobs. The 18-year-old said that he agreed to the terms and conditions of the website that mentioned sending his details to third parties, including Careers Australia.

According to Queensland Times, Hattrick confirmed that when a Careers Australia call center executive called him, he said that he received his contact details from a job search portal.

“I had never signed up for anything to do with Careers Australia, I had no idea that they existed and they just called me out of the blue after my 18th birthday,” he said.

“They asked me if I was interested in any courses, like what kind of employment would I want to do, and I said something physical and some kind of labouring like welding or landscaping, and they said I wouldn’t be able to get a job in that field unless I did this course,” Hattrick added.

The victim also specified that he never agreed to do the course. He just said he was interested. Following the event, they provided Hattrick a legal document that he could hardly understand.

The Federal Government has already ruled earlier in 2016 that no vocational course provider is allowed to cold call potential students. However, when ABC’s 7.30 had a talk with ex-Brisbane call center employee Peter Jensen, he said that it is very usual for people to consider calls as a cold call. He added that a majority of people seemed surprised on received calls.

Jenson said that Careers Australia pays to get the details of potential students from various websites. He said that even he used to call students and ask whether they were interested in the courses provided.