The Vatican is once again at the center of new sexual assault charges with Cardinal George Pell; a senior adviser to Pope Francis and a third-ranking official in the Holy See, caught up in charges in his home country. The high ranking religious figure was quick to claim his innocence.

For several years, the Catholic Church has been caught in a web of sexual assault charges from all corners of the world. Cardinal Pell’s issue is just the latest one to be brought to the spotlight and to make matters worse, the Cardinal is one of the senior figures over at the Vatican.

Cardinal Pell recently spoke in Rome at the Holy See Press Office, reports 9News. At the conference, Cardinal Pell broke his silence on the issue. Basically, Pell claimed that he is innocent. “The whole idea of sexual abuse is abhorrent to me,”he says. He then adds, “I want to say one or two brief words about my situation, these matters have been under investigation now for two years.”

He then explains that there have been “leaks from the media” and “there has been relentless character assassination.” There were even some claims on the decision about whether or not there will be charges against the Cardina from Australia.

The Australian Police is yet to release a detailed list of all the charges that are held against Cardinal Pell. Also, we’ve yet to know all the accusations against him. What we do know for now is that there are plenty of victims pressing multiple charges against the cardinal.

Cardinal Pell will be required to stand in front of the Melbourne Magistrate’s court on July 18. On that date, there will be a filing hearing and it’s also expected that the full list of charges will be revealed by then.