Following the spread of carbon monoxide in an apartment block in Melbourne led to the evacuation of the property. Almost 150 people moved out of their homes. The spread of the poisonous gas was detected on Monday after which the authorities decided to evacuate the apartment at Hawthorn.

After 5pm, the residents of the apartment complex located on Burwood Road heard a smoke alarm and evacuate the property sensing the danger. The firefighters were unable to identify the source of the gas, Metropolitan Fire Brigade Commander Bruce Pickthall confirmed. He also mentioned that the residents were allowed to get into their homes by 11 pm after making sure the ambiance was free from carbon monoxide and was harmless for them.

Paramedics were also called to the scene where four firefighters who needed immediate first aid. “It’s been a protracted incident unfortunately but it’s the nature of these incidents,” he said. “We need to be methodical and rule out and allow the time to discover everything we can about the situation.”

According to the ABC, the gas is normally released from fuels that are partially burnt. Such fuels can include petrol, wood and also gasoline. The worst thing is that carbon monoxide can gather in high concentrations in areas.

Carbon Monoxide Effects

Carbon monoxide is known for its poisonous nature. It is an odourless and colorless gas and has the ability to accumulate in indoor spaces, thereby making the environments harmful for humans as well as animals. If a person breathes in an environment filled with carbon monoxide, the gas might enter the brain or heart or other parts of the body with less oxygen. This is quite a fast process.

The higher affinity of red blood cells (RBCs) in the human body for carbon monoxide lets it affect the bloodstream, thereby leading to poisoning. In addition to this, the gas also has the ability to combine with proteins in the body and damage tissues.

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