Marvel brought a lot of surprises at their Comic Con panel this year. But nothing excited fans more than the studio’s plans for the upcoming Captain Marvel movie. Did the positive response inspire the studio to make more films about female superheroes? Will a female member of the Avengers finally get her very own movie soon?

Rumors of a Black Widow solo film have gone around for a while now. Scarlett Johansson’s take on the iconic comic book hero has proven quite popular among fans throughout the years. Marvel has yet to confirm if they’re making a film all about Natasha Romanoff sometime in the future or not. However, Avengers director Joss Whedon did admit he wants to direct Black Widow’s standalone film if the studio ever decides to make it.

Whedon has floated the idea of directing a female-led superhero flick before. However, this is the first time he singled out Black Widow as the character he wants to work with. The director thinks his choice is a no-brainer.

“I think [Black Widow as a] character really is very interesting and very earthbound… [She brings] the kind of action that I got to do less of with somebody like Thor or The Vision,” the Marvel director told IGN. “When you get into your Superman territory it’s harder to maintain that sort of gritty action. And she’s got that kind of thing… [We can] do a spy thriller, really do a good, paranoid sort of John LeCarré on crack sort of thing. ”

Whedon also thinks it’d be a fun movie to shoot since actress Scarlett Johansson is “delightful” to work with. He isn’t the first director to express interest in doing a standalone Black Widow movie, though. The Russo brothers also talked about the possible Avengers spin-off earlier.

Fans might not know if and when Black Widow will get her very own film. But Marvel’s first female superhero movie in years already does have a screening date. Fans might have to wait a few years more for it, though. The Captain Marvel movie won’t hit the big screen until March 8, 2019.