Archaeologists claim to have found the debris of HMS Endeavour, the ship that Captain James Cook sailed on his voyage and discovery of Australia.

The scientists said that the ruins collected from the bottom of the Newport Harbour belonged to the same ship that Captain Cook sailed in 1778 when he discovered Australia. It was during the Revolutionary War when the ship sunk off the United States. Reports stated that the Rhode Island Marine Archaeology Project (RIMAP) located the ship’s wreckage at one of the nine sites that contained 13 ships.

The ship was renamed Lord Sandwich and was used to move troops during the American Revolution. The scientists describe the vessel as a three-masted sailing ship, according to Fox News. RIMAP stated that it requested permission from the Australian National Maritime Museum to verify the credentials in London. This helped them identify the groups of ships in the 13-vessel fleet. “One group of the five ships included the Lord Sandwich transport, formerly Capt. James Cook’s Endeavour Bark,” according to the statement RIMAP released on its website.

A spokesman from RIMAP told Fox News that further plans will be unveiled on May 4 at a meeting. “The next phase of the archaeological investigation will require a more intense study of each vessel’s structure and its related artifacts,” RIMAP added. “However, before that next phase may begin, there must be a proper facility in place to conserve, manage, display, and store the waterlogged material removed from the archaeological sites.”

According to the ABC, RIMAP was considering to launch a campaign to raise funds for the construction of a storage area where the objects gathered during excavation could be assembled.

May 4 marks the 240th anniversary of Rhode’s Island. RIMAP’s statement said that if it closes the most mysterious shipwreck case in the world’s history on the date, it will be the best gift for Rhode Island on its birth anniversary.