Captain America and Iron Man are still not friends. How do we know? Check the former’s Facebook #FriendsDay video. #FriendsDay videos mark the 12th birthday of the social networking site. They are also currently trending on Facebook.

Marvel decided to have some fun with this trend. It chose to make its own cheeky video for Captain America (Steve Rogers), reveals The Hollywood Reporter. It is a good move for their upcoming franchise “Captain America: Civil War.”

The ending of the video is very relevant and indicative of the rivalry between the two Avengers– Iron Man Tony Stark and Steve Rogers, Captain America himself.

Independent UK describes the video to start out as usual celebrating Steve Roger’s friends. It includes almost everyone from Thor, Hawkye and Falcon. The video further brings moments from some past adventures and ends with “And remember this?” wherein we have Captain America and Tony Stark in one frame. Given that the two are not on good terms, the photograph is aptly torn into two pieces.

Captain America fans know that the upcoming franchise starts where “Avengers: Age of Ultron” ended. Cinema Blend reminds us that Steve Rogers leads a new team of Avengers to protect humanity. The team gets divided and members ally either with Iron Man or Captain America after an international incident, inflicting collateral damage takes place.

Those who have been reminded by their Facebook videos of past friendships gone sour or breakups can understand Roger’s pain, as the Facebook algorithms can go wrong sometime. Maybe it is time for the others to have an intervention and get the two back together.

Facebook created personalized Friends Day video for its subscribers around the world. These editable videos are a mishmash of special moments with a user and his/her friends in form of a short film that can also be shared.