The “Captain America: Civil War” trailer is out and fans are all hyped up to the point of interpreting the video frame by frame.

A particular source of buzz regarding the latest release is whether Tom Holland’s Spider-Man was indeed in the clips shown or he was entirely left out from the trailer.

In a report by Cinema Blend, some people expressed that Spider Man was indeed spotted in the clip for a brief moment. However, the website dismisses this immediately.

Cinema Blend thinks that the audience are only seeing a guy in a red shirt walking down the street and that this guy is not Spider Man at all.

To provide more context, Comic Book shares a screen shot of the guy in a red shirt shown in the sequence where The Falcon (Anthony Mackie) flies over a street.

The website is more blunt in saying that the guy wearing the red shirt could be anyone–like a red extra who happens to wear red.

Meanwhile, although the absence of Spider Man in the first trailer is a disappointment for many, Cinema Blend thinks that it is only reasonable.

According to the website, Spider Man being held back in the trailers is intentional because his part in the film is a big deal.

Cinema Blend further adds that since this movie is where Spider Man is meant to be officially introduced to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, showing him in the previews would spoil the big reveal.

Meanwhile, although Spider Man’s absence is a major issue to some fans, io9 points out that other key characters who are also meant to appear in the film were left out of the trailer.

io9 points out that Ant-Man, Baron Zemo, Crossbones, Sharon Carter, and Vision–who have all been confirmed to be in the movie–were not on the trailer.

“Captain America: Civil War” hits theaters on May 6, 2016.