Fans worldwide will witness the ultimate clash of the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) titans in Captain America: Civil War this Friday. Captain America and his fellow superheroes will fight Iron Man and his followers, and the consequences are bound to be epic.

At the same time, many would love to know the real story behind the all-out war in the MCU?  That’s why to explore deeper, the studio has released a new featurette.

Watch Here:

According to Screenrant, the short feature provides a quick summary of Civil War’s provocative events. Star Chris Evans ( played Captain America) and executive producer Nate Moore start the feature by explaining Steve Rogers’ background with Bucky Barnes. They point out how he has always kept an eye out for the once-skinny Rogers. Their shared film, The Winter Soldier, laid the supporting factors for the initial split, which instigates Civil War. It shows  Cap’s attachment to his sometimes-wayward friend. Even though Civil War is about the Avengers, eventually it also highlights the story about the friendship between Barnes and Rogers.

In the second main segment of the featurette, Marvel guru Kevin Feige, and the film’s directors, James and Anthony Russo, explore the Sokovia Accords and the escalation into Civil War. It is clarified that as the collateral damage from the Avengers’ conflicts accumulates, many of the world’s governments band together to hold these super-humans responsible. Fresh off of his troubles with HYDRA masquerading as S.H.I.E.L.D. and the World Security Council trying to nuke NYC, Cap is suspicious of authority figures. And his anti-Registration sentiments will disagree with Iron Man’s guilt over the human cost, Screenrant reveals.

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As the Russo Brothers explore in the last section, part of the challenge of making Civil War was creating a many-sided clash. Fans already recognize and love many of these characters from their previous links with the MCU. So, showing a split between the already contentious superhero team wouldn’t be too tricky. However, having a clear villain would weaken the challenging story-line and simplify what is, in essence, an interesting reflection of the political differences and personal moralities of a complex world.

Since the reviews are generally positive up till now, it appears the team Civil War have succeeded in making a great superhero movie. We hope that the MCU will continue this thread of intelligent comic book big-screen adaptations, especially to entertain the long-time fans of the series.

Captain America: Civil War opens in theaters on May 6.