More fans think Captain America will win in the battle against Iron Man in the upcoming movie “Captain America: Civil War,” but Marvel has revealed otherwise.

Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige revealed to Entertainment Weekly that screenwriters Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely, and directors Anthony and Joe Russo tried to bring balance to the superhero feud.

In the Civil War comics, Iron Man and his team are the villains and Captain America is seen as the hero, Inquisitr noted.

Feige said they wanted to create a debate about those who are in Team Cap and those at the side of Team Iron Man.

“Certainly if you did a poll from the comics, 90 percent of people would side with Cap. And we didn’t want that. We wanted it to be…we wanted people to be torn. We wanted people to walk out of the theatre and the argument to be in the parking lot. ‘No, I think Cap was right.’ ‘No, I think Iron Man was right,’” Feige said.

He said the idea came during the movie’s test screenings. “We found that balance. I think in the last screening we did it was almost exactly 50/50. How many of you side, agree with Cap?’ Half the audience. ‘How many agree with Tony?’ Half the audience,” he added.

One of the movie’s screenwriters also hinted he couldn’t side with his main character, Captain America (Chris Evans), and teased who might end up the victor in the end.

“If it wasn’t nearly 50/50 in terms of arguability, there’d be no point in doing it. In some ways, I feel the comic tipped too far — because Tony just kind of lost his mind in the comic, built that space prison and all this stuff. God knows, I love Captain America. We love rebels on film, but I don’t really want superpowered people just doing whatever the hell they feel like, you know? I’m all for regulation in real life. So it’s an interesting sort of dilemma,” Markus said.

On the contrary, Marvel legend and cameo king Stan Lee believed that Cap will win against Tony Stark.

Cinema Blend earlier reported that  Lee was asked by a fan during the 2015 Edmonton Comic Expo on which side he favors – Cap or Iron Man. Lee explained that he’s in favor of Steve Rogers because of how good of a person the Man out of Time is.

“Whatever side Captain America was on [should win], because he’s the best, pure-hearted person in the whole world,” he said.

Who do you think will win the Civil War? Let’s all find out on May 6 when “Captain America: Civil War” hits theatres.