“Captain America: Civil War” will see our favourite Marvel heroes divided. Some will side with Captain America. Others will align themselves with Iron Man. Which team is stronger? Below, we round up all the members of Team Cap and Team Iron Man.

Team Cap
According to Coming Soon, only one team is “going to come out on top.” No side can hope to win without good members. Which Avengers have Captain America’s back in “Civil War?”

Bucky Barnes
Bucky is Cap’s childhood best friend. Of course, he will fight alongside him.

According to Cheat Sheet, Ant-Man was previously jailed for being a “social justice warrior.” It makes sense for him to side against the U.S. government when needed.

He will come out of his seeming retirement to fight on Cap’s side.

He is one of Cap’s “closest friend and ally.” He is certainly an asset for the team since, as Cheat Sheet pointed out, he is the only member who can fly.

Sharon Carter
Peggy Carter’s daughter will join the battle and side with Captain America.

Scarlet Witch
She is known for her “natural distrust” of Tony Stark’s company. Of course, she will side with Captain America for the war ahead.

Team Iron Man

Who will fight alongside Tony Stark?

War Machine
As “one of Tony Stark’s oldest friends,” he is always willing to put his life on the line for Iron Man.

Black Widow
Despite being best friends with Hawkeye, she will join the other team.

The Vision
The Vision is set to join Team Iron Man.

Black Panther
He goes way back with Stark’s family.

A past trailer showed him stealing the Cap’s shield for Iron Man.

Which team will prevail? Fans will have to wait for “Civil War” to come out on May 6 to find out.