The third “Captain America” film is less than four months away and information from the rumor mill has been pouring out non-stop.

This time, a recent report tackles another aspect of Captain America/Steve Roger’s (Chris Evans) life–his romantic status.

In a report by Screen Rant, a new romance for the beloved Captain America may be included in “Captain America: Civil War” to make the movie lighter than its predecessor, “Captain America: The Winter Soldier”. The website quotes an interview with the film’s directors–Joe and Anthony Russo–which hints at this possibility.

Screen Rant details that Anthony Russo joked about the bromance between Cap and Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier when asked about a potential love interest for Captain America. The website highlights that the close relationship between Bucky and Cap is one that is considered epic by many, especially fans of the comic book versions of the characters.

However, on a more serious note, Joe Russo was quoted by ComicBook as saying:

“…we can only keep Cap romantically uninvolved for so long. At some point, something has to happen with that character, so we are very aware of his lack of romantic life. […] so maybe something interesting will happen.”

As to who Captain America’s lady love might be, Screen Rant names Agent 13 or Sharon Carter (Emily Van Camp) as a strong contender for the role.

Agent 13 debuted for a brief role when Van Camp portrayed her during the events of “The Winter Soldier”.

Screen Rant reports that it is still unknown whether Sharon Carter in the film will be related to Cap’s former lover, Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell). However, the website mentions that in the comics, Sharon was portrayed as Peggy’s younger sister and then later on, her niece. It is a strong possiblity that the film will pattern Agent 13’s relationship with Peggy to one of the comic book versions.

Fans can find out all about Cap’s new love when “Captain America: Civil War” opens in theaters on May 6.