With “Captain America: Civil War” expected to hit theaters on May 6, 2016, ardent fans are already crossing off days on their calendar and keeping an eye out for any new details and additional news that may surface.

We do happen to stumble upon good bits of information from time to time which gives us an insight into what fate awaits our super heroes. We all know that details of one of our friendly neighborhood super heroes to be a part of “Captain America: Civil War” have been tightly kept under wraps. As noted by ScreenRant, it only makes sense to not put the character out there, given that the web-slinger only has a small part in the movie.

But, as always we are curious and that brings us to a post by SuperBro Movie News! which shows-off a supposed “Captain America: Civil War” Spider-Man hoodie. The post reads: “CAPTAIN AMERICA CIVIL WAR SPIDERMAN HOODIE LEAKED!! THIS IS LEGIT!! Disney is gonna be mad at me.” It is noteworthy that this isn’t a verified source as there is no word about where and how they came across the image in question.

In any case, it can be safe to assume that the hoodie in the question is not what exactly Peter Parker may wear in the movie. It could quite possibly be a product inspired by the costume, which fans may see in “Captain America: Civil War.” However as shared by ScreenRant, it does appear that the design on the hoodie could have taken a leaf out of Spider-Man Civil War costume, given that directors Joe and Anthony Russo have revealed that it’s going to be “hard-core contemporary.”

Fans of the franchise can keep coming back for more rumors and speculations about the “Captain America: Civil War.” Sound your thoughts over the Spider-Man hoodie leak, in the comments section below.