Days ago, the Russo brothers revealed in a panel interview that the newest trailer for “Captain America: Civil War” is almost complete. But rumor has it that the much awaited teaser has already been leaked online. Here is everything we need to know about the latest news.

While some lucky fans were able to witness the first official “Civil War” teaser at Disney’s D23 Expo, the trailer has not been shown to the public yet.

However, according to Movie Pilot, the highly anticipated trailer has already made its way online. Though the hottest news was sourced from a fan, and there are no videos to support the claim, they were able to gather the breakdown of what to expect for the new trailer.

Warning. Potential spoilers ahead.

Movie Pilot described the beginning of the teaser “with a serious action sequence.”

On the first scene, Steve Rogers/ Captain America can be seen “standing at the window” in what seems to be a hotel room, as he talks to Falcon/ Sam Wilson thru a walkie -talkie who is wearing a Falcon gear with Redwing, standing over the top of a building while observing an African market.

Meanwhile, Black Widow was also shown discreetly keeping an eye on the surroundings. It appears so that they are looking in a suspicious vehicle loaded with explosives.

Suddenly, Crossbones/ Brock Rumlow appears with a group of bad guys, wearing his armored suit and a skull mask.

The two forces got engaged in a battle, but Captain America and his group prevailed.

Aside from the fierce opening scene, the trailer also showcased and introduced Black Panther, Iron Man’s new suit, the return of Winter Soldier, Black Widow and Hawkeye’s showdown and The Cap’s newest ally, Scarlet Witch.

Stay tuned for more updates.

“Captain America: Civil War” premieres on May 6, 2016, notes IMDb.