“Captain America: Civil War” won’t hit theatres until May 6 but fans are eagerly awaiting any news and leaks about the movie. Everyone knows that the movie will be based on the 2006 Marvel comics “Civil War” and below, we round up all the reasons fans would either hate or love this upcoming adaptation.

Civil War Movie vs. Comics – Why would fans love it?

1. It won’t be as “overstuffed” as “Age of Ultron.”

The last “Avengers” movie was criticized for having an “unfocused plot.” According to CheatSheet.com, the focus of “Civil War” would remain “squarely on Captain America and his personal rift with Iron Man.”

2. It tried to capture the emotional spirit of the original.

According to ComicBook.com, “Civil War” would contain “emotional beats and some other moments pulled straight from the pages of those books.”

3. The airport battle sequence is epic.

“We will be talking about that airport scene for a very long time,” critic Andy Signore earlier said.

4. The plot moved forward more organically than it did in the comics.

In the movie, “the characters were headed organically toward conflict,” screenwriter Christopher Markus told ComicBook.com.

5. It might just be the best Marvel film yet.

It has received stellar reviews from first-look critics.

Civil War Movie vs. Comics – Why would fans hate it?

1. The movie is just a “loose adaptation.”

Loose adaptations never sit well with purists.

2. It did away with unmasking sub-plots.

“There are virtually no secret identities in the MCU so we can’t do the whole unmasking plot,” Markus said.

4. Captain America might live.

In the comics, Captain America – Spoiler Alert! – was assassinated after he surrendered. But, as CheatSheet.com pointed out, Chris Evans is in “no danger of aging out” of his role soon. So they might let him live.

5. Iron Man might die instead.

Robert Downey Jr. earlier said that there would be no “Iron Man 4.” Could this make him dispensable?