The Russo brothers have managed to keep the curiosity quotient high for their upcoming “Captain America: Civil War.” Every few days, a new piece of information comes out and fans get interested. Either it is the new trailer or news about tiffs amongst the team members or leaked scenes.

We already know someone is going to die in “Captain America: Civil War.” Now, we know who that character is going to be. We also know who the murderer will be. Don’t read ahead if you don’t want your movie surprise spoiled.

Before we inform you about the death of this iconic and loved super hero, know that the Russo brothers have filmed multiple death scenes and ended already. reveals that “Captain America: Civil War” has also finished additional photography in January. This means that Marvel has extra material at hand to alter the nitty-gritties of larger character arcs that will find their way to the “Avengers: Infinity War” movies.

ANN had earlier reported that “Captain America: Civil War” will open and close with funeral scenes. Someone from either War Machine, Scarlet Witch, and the Falcon is expected to be bumped off from the movie.

It is now disclosed that at least one cut exists where Steve Rogers disappears with his Avengers to fight. Sources close to the production claim that “Civil War” will adhere to the comic book ending and as of now, sources confirm that our beloved Steve Rogers will die a hero’s death. He will be killed by Crossbones, reveals Movie Pilot.

So what happens after Captain America gets killed? How will he still remain a part of the “Avengers: Infinity War” series? International Business Times divulges that Sebastian Stan (Winter Soldier) is already being fitted for a “Captain America” costume, hinting that the “Winter Soldier” will carry on the role.

Also, as far as the “Infinity Wars” movies are concerned, informs that Steve Rogers will surely be resurrected. However, according to the current plan, he will be kept away from the first “Infinity War” movie. The Bucky Barnes/Captain America and Spider-Man will be taking a lead on that one. Rogers would return, only for the grand climax.