A major superhero in “Captain America: Civil War” has been considered to die but writers quickly dismissed the idea.

Those who watched “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” have seen Superman “killed,” Yahoo News noted. Now comics fans are wondering if they will see this storyline in “Captain America: Civil War.” Will Cap suffer the same fate as Superman, considering Steve Rodgers has been assassinated in the comics version of Civil War aftermath?

“Captain America: Civil War” writers Stephen McFeely and Christopher Markus admitted that the idea of killing Captain America was brought up. However, they quickly dismissed it in the early draft of the film’s script.

“We never really went into this with the intention of killing Cap,” Yahoo News quoted Markus saying.

“One, because he doesn’t really die, so we weren’t going to do the time bullet [like in the comics]. And there are other movies coming, and it’s like, ‘Are you gonna kill him?’ And you get crap for fake-killing people. We fake-killed [Nick] Fury [in Winter Soldier] and it worked pretty well, but… At a certain point, you’re lessening the gravity of the movie when you kill somebody because people are like, ‘Oh now we’re in comic-book world because he’s gonna come back.’ So you get more gravity without really hurting somebody,” Markus explained.

Meanwhile, Cinema Blend reported that there are two more characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe that almost made it into the superhero-packed movie – Hank Pym and Janet Van Dyne’s version of The Wasp.

McFeely and Markus revealed to Mashable that they consider the possibility of Hank Pym in a very early draft of “Captain America: Civil War.” However, they also shelved the idea.

“There was one not very good draft where Hank Pym shows up,” Markus told Mashable. “We won’t speculate on what Hank Pym did, but he wasn’t as helpful as he needed to be,” McFeely added.

As for Janet Van Dyne’s exclusion from “Captain America: Civil War,” Markus and McFeely agreed with Marvel Cinematic Universe big boss Kevin Feige’s sentiment. The MCU executive believes that the introduction of Wasp is a moment best presented in her own film and not just part of a movie that is already filled with too many heroes, Cinema Blend noted.