In all its trailers, “Captain America: Civil War” promised one thing. It will feature an epic showdown between Captain America and Iron Man. But is neither Avenger the actual star of the movie? Would Spider-Man really steal the show?

The iconic Marvel hero has previously been confirmed to make a cameo in “Civil War.” He was even shown in a recent trailer stealing Cap’s shield. But, according to iO9 Gizmodo, his appearance in the movie is no mere cameo. “Spider-Man and Peter Parker are in the film for around thirty minutes in total,” iO9 Gizmodo reported. This, the news site pointed out, is “way more than the previously rumoured cameo role.” Screen Crush editor Mike Sampson confirmed this info. “Maybe 10 mins of Parker, a good 20 mins of Spidey,” he explained on Twitter. But the editor did not confirm if Iron Man and Captain America will really lose to Spider-Man.

Meanwhile, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige said Spider-Man’s upcoming standalone film will not dwell on his origin story. “If it’s safe to assume anything, it’s safe to assume that everybody knows how Spider-Man became Spider-Man. We’ve seen it a number of times now,” Feige told Collider.

The Marvel executive said they have been doing this for their other movies as well. “We spend a lot of time as we work on these movies saying ‘Don’t take it for granted that…the audience is as versed in the comic books as we are.’ [But we still] take great pains to give you everything you need to know within the context of whatever movie you’re actually watching,” Feige explained.

You can catch Tom Holland’s version of Spider-Man when “Civil War” hits theatres next month. “Captain America: Civil War” will be released on May 6. Meanwhile, Spider-Man’s standalone film won’t hit the big screen until July 7, 2017.