Fans who are falling in love with the trailers and teasers of “Captain America: Civil War” and can’t wait for the movie to release will be surprised to know that things weren’t always planned to turn out as they did for the third installment in the series.

“Captain America 3” may not have brought us the exciting battle that we will witness when the movie releases next month. The word comes straight from the man himself Kevin Feige, who in an interview with io9 revealed that the plan at the beginning for “Captain America 3” was very different. He shared:

“We developed Captain America 3 knowing we wanted to continue the Bucky story. Is Bucky going to get his mind back? What is Bucky struggling with, after the tag scene on Winter Soldier, and how does Steve’s desire to save Bucky bring him into conflict with something else, thinking about how do the sins of his past sort of affect him? And [writers] Chris [Markus] and Steve [McFeely] came up with a number of cool plots that could’ve worked, but none of them were feeling worthy of a follow up to Winter Soldier.”

The writers revealed more details with Stephen McFeely saying that Bucky’s plot was what the writer was focused on, he said:

“Even before Civil War came down the pike, we were already working on the Bucky part of it all.”

Feige wanted the Civil War to be a part of the movie and as the plot further began to develop it became clear. He added:

“I thought, if we’re going to do Civil War, which I always wanted to do, this is the time to do it. All we have to get is this, this, this and this. ‘Okay, well the odds of that are very slim.’ ‘Okay, but if we could, what would it be?’ Chris and Steve started to chart out various versions of the movie. [Versions] without Iron Man, [versions] without Spider-Man—but we’re very lucky we got to make the whole one. The one we really wanted do.”

And aren’t we glad given the positive response that the promos have received. And fans of the franchise are truly quite lucky, given that when Screen Rant questioned the Russos about the original plan of the movie, they explained that it wasn’t originally going to be Civil War and also that they had no clue how they would have moved ahead had Robert Downey Jr. not signed on for the project.

Now, we are crossing off days on our calendars waiting for “Captain America: Civil War” to be out on May 6, 2016.