After the Hulk’s confirmation, the movie “Captain America: Civil War” gets new characters.

Empire Online revealed the addition of actor Martin Freeman to the cast. Freeman plays Everett Ross who is part of the Joint Counter-Terrorist Centre.

The Hollywood Reporter provided a background on Everett Ross. The character is connected to T’Challa, the Black Panther, the website noted. Incidentally, the Black Panther also debuts in the movie.

Ross gained fame as one of the leads in Black Panther volume three launched in 1998.

Writer Christopher Priest spoke to Newsarama previously about Ross’ presence in Black Panther.

“Comics are traditionally created by white males for white males,” he said.

Priest added, “I figured, and I believe rightly, that for Black Panther to succeed, it needed a white male at the center, and that white male had to give voice to the audience’s misgivings or apprehensions or assumptions about this character and this book.”

Empire Online surmised Ross would also in standalone Black Panther movie. Hence, Freeman will likely join that cast as well.

The website also revealed its exclusive “Captain America: Civil War” Empire magazine covers.

The issue offers generous coverage about the movie. Subscribers get exclusive on-set access. Interviews with the cast and crew included.

Actor Gwyneth Paltrow also joins the cast, ComicBookMovie reported. Paltrow resumes her role as Pepper Potts, CEO of Stark Industries.

The website cited an interview with Joe and Anthony Russo with Empire Magazine. The brothers revealed Paltrow was part of the reshoots for the movie. However, it also indicated her role would be minor.

Paltrow earlier confirmed her contract with Marvel ended after “Iron Man 3”.

News about Robert Downey Jr portraying Tony Stark in “Iron Man 4” again made headlines. However, it has been rumoured the role may be recast. Downey already appeared in the three “Iron Man” movies.