“Captain America: Civil War” divided some of the biggest Marvel characters. But it also brought some of them together. In particular, the movie seemed to have cemented the friendship between Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes.

According to Entertainment Weekly, their friendship is at the core of these movies. “The Bucky-Steve bromance,” EW explained, “has been a huge part of the ‘Captain America’ films for fans.”

Actor Sebastian Stan said he imagines Bucky and Cap both need each other to adjust to the new century. “[Steve is] his only family. I mean, these guys are 99 years old,” the actor told The Daily Beast. “They’re these two guys who are totally out of a different world. They don’t have anybody. They were ripped out of a past. They never had a choice, necessarily. Certainly, Bucky never had a choice. The idea for the guy was, ‘I’m going to go to war, because that’s what I’m supposed to do for my country, and then I’m going to come back and start a life’—but he never did…Not that he necessarily even remembers the 1940s, but it was different.”

Stan also thinks Cap is his character’s “only hope” since he woke up. “I don’t think [Bucky] knows how to express his emotions…He is somebody who is very alone,” the actor said. “He’s someone who is piecing together a life and dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder. He’s paranoid because he doesn’t know if he’s being followed or if he’s being watched. He has a hard time trusting himself because he’s learning about all the things he’s done that he doesn’t remember. He’s in a very isolated place…He’s just lost. What he does learn is that the only person, his only hope, is Steve Rogers. Because Steve Rogers is the only guy who will keep him alive.”