“Captain America: Civil War” is not set to hit the big screen until next month. However, a handful of critics have already gotten a first look at this Marvel film. Their first Captain America reviews are in. How did these critics receive the movie?

According to iO9 Gizmodo, early Captain America reviews were mostly “wildly positive.” Some critics were even gushing that “Civil War” might be the best Avengers movie ever made. The movie’s early critics mostly posted their thoughts on Twitter. “[‘Civil War’] is so good, it’s a better Avengers movie than the last Avengers movie,” Mike Sampson of Screen Crush News wrote.

Meanwhile, Uproxx writer Mike Ryan admitted that he’s “pretty sure Captain America: Civil War is my favorite Marvel movie.” According to Independent, Germain Lussier of Gizmodo seems to agree with Ryan and Samspon. “Captain America: Civil War is a complex mystery posing a big, fun superhero film. Lots of themes and emotions. Very unexpected & VERY good,” he tweeted.

Critics also praised the movie’s individual characters. Cinema Blend’s Eric Eisenberg thought the movie had “[really] incredible character work…Spider-Man, Ant Man & Black Panther kill it.”

Steven Weintraub of Collider, meanwhile, was a big fan of Spider-Man and Black Panther. “I LOVED Spider-Man in the film. LOVED,” he tweeted. “Chadwick Boseman is fantastic as Black Panther. Can’t wait to see his solo film. He absolutely nailed the role.”

Not everyone was completely happy with the film, though. Andy Signore of Screen Junkies said the movie was “not perfect.” However, he said it’s “far better” than “Batman v. Superman.” 

“Every character gets a proper moment,” Signore said. He also commended the action sequence at the airport. “We will be talking about that airport scene for a very long time,” he said.

“Captain America: Civil War” is set to hit the big screen on May 6.