A recent buzz for the next “Civil War” sequence revealed that Marvel is going to portray Captain America as a baddie who is a Hydra agent. Now a new image has been shared to give an idea how the upcoming villainous figure will look like, wearing a totally new costume.

Not only the new change has disappointed the fans, but also has saddened the star (Chris Evan) himself. He took it twitter and reacted with a fun response:

The social media scene began to overflow with a mixed-bag reactions from the fans.

We have seen Steve Rogers/ Captain America donning his specific superhero outfit as mentioned in the comics, so far. Of course, the franchise has added some new-age touch to it.  However, the new side of Steve will be appearing not with his regular demenour, rather he will have a completely different getup. Reports Screenrant.

A dedicated reader of Marvel Comics should expect that everything will be okay even if there are new changes. His hero Captain America isn’t wicked and he’s been combating Hydra for ages. And while writer Nick Spencer communicates EW that this version of Captain America “is not a clone, not an imposter, not mind control, not someone else acting through Steve. This really is Steve Rogers, Captain America himself,” things do not seem that mind boggling. It can be believed easily that something else is up.

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Whether or not the evil side of Steve Roger continues to emerge on the silver screen for long, the whole world must be curious to know how the new avatar will look like.

Artist Kode a.k.a. BossLogic has a pretty interesting idea from these versions he recently shared :

Captain America, Captain America as Hydra Agent, New Look facebook.com/CaptainAmericaFanatics

Captain America As a Hydra Agent

The black ops style suit actually looks as stimulating as the thought of seeing our beloved superhero Captain America confronting his used-to-be-team of allies.

What do you think about this new mien of Captain?

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