There is good news for many cancer patients in New South Wales. Those patients having unabated nausea and vomiting during and after chemo therapy will be tested against a cannabis tablet.

According to the NSW government, the proposed clinical trial of the cannabis tablet will be one of the largest of its kind. NSW Premier Mike Baird is hoping a major breakthrough. He said the cannabis tablet could “fill the void” where other treatments have failed in curing nausea, reports News Corp.

“I think all of us who know people who are in the battle for their lives (need) to have some form of relief,” Baird said.

Canadian pharmaceutical company Tilray will supply the cannabis tablet,which will be administered to more than 300 cancer patients with poor response to traditional treatments.

The enrolment for the trial will start in June 2016. Associate Professor Peter Grimison said a preliminary trial on the efficacy of cannabis to cure nausea caused by chemotherapy was successful.

“But this is actually going to be the largest, most definitive trial in this indication so we can definitely say to patients, `This will help you or it won’t’,” he said.

The cannabis trial for cancer patients is one major outcome of Australia formally allowing access to medical marijuana. The Australian Parliament in February passed a law that legalized the production of cannabis for medicinal and scientific purposes.

Thanks to the changes made to the Narcotic Drugs Act of 1967, cannabis can be grown legally across the country. An authority will also come up to oversee its licensing, production and distribution.

Minister for Health Sussan Ley described it as a historic day for Australia. The new law will be a catalyst in developing many aspects of the medical marijuana program. Activists such as Lucy Haslam had been in the vanguard to bring the legislative changes. Her organization, United in Compassion, was very vocal in the campaign for legalizing medical cannabis. Lucy told lawmakers how she used cannabis in helping her son cope with the pain in his roughest days, reports Marijuana Times.