The cases of cancer in Queensland has increased, a new study shows. It turns out that in the last three decades, the number of Queenslanders with cancer has risen to 20 percent.

However, experts say that this increase can be prevented. Still, the survival rate is very high at 70 percent.

According to a new investigation from the Cancer Council’s Cancer Research Centre, about three Queenslanders are diagnosed with some type of cancer every hour. The study also states that 8,700 will die from the condition each year.

Back in 1982, around 8,277 were diagnosed with cancer. However, in 2014, there were 27,000 people who got diagnosed.

“If we didn’t smoke, if we were sun smart and we looked after our physical activity and maintained a healthy body-weight and participated in recommended screening, the number of people diagnosed by cancer would be reduced by a third,” explains Cancer Council chief executive Jeff Dunn, the ABC states.

So lifestyle changes must be established to prevent cancer. If people could have been living more healthily, around a third of the cases or about 9,000 cancer cases in Queensland could have been avoided.

Nevertheless, the survival rates among victims have greatly improved, the researchers say. This can be attributed to the availability of resources and information about cancer, which can the public understand more about the condition.

Dunn cites that prostate cancer is still the most common cancer in Queensland. It is followed by melanoma, breast cancer and bowel cancer.

Apparently, melanoma is the most common cancer among people below the age of 35 years. On the other hand, breast cancer is the most common to people in the ages between 35 and 49.

Meanwhile, lung cancer is still the deadliest cause of death from cancer. Overall, the researchers found that 21 percent of all cancer deaths were due to lung cancer. This is followed by deaths from bowel, prostate, breast and pancreatic cancer, the Courier Mail reports.

The new study has also shown that liver cancer mortality has also risen up among males and females. Melanoma mortality has increased among males while pancreatic cancer has risen among females.

Prostate cancer is also the most common cancer among survivors. Melanoma and breast cancer come next.

The experts reveal that keeping a healthy weight is among the best ways to protect anyone from various types of cancer. Avoiding tobacco can also help, so as eating healthy foods and living an active lifestyle.

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