A Canadian Newspaper is under fire for an article it published which made unsubstantiated claims about an incident of violence involving refugee children.  The original article was published with the headlines “Parents worried over school kids’ brutality at Chebucto Heights Elementary School.”

The Halifax Chronicle Herald’s story alleged numerous acts of playground abuses at Chebucto Height Elementary School. It referred to an incident in which a “refugee boy” choked a grade 3 girl with a chain yelling “Muslims rule the world”, as reported by The Globe and Mail. The article also mentioned another incident in the school in which “refugee students” threatened others in the soccer field.

Halifax Regional School Board Superintendent Elwin LeRoux said on Monday that he was deeply offended by “unsubstantiated accusations” in The Chronicle Herald about Chebucto Heights Elementary School.

LeRoux in his statement noted, “I was deeply offended to see the school represented so inaccurately, I know how hard teachers, administrators and support staff at Chebucto Heights have been working to support each student enrolled in the school. I also know the community is tremendously supportive of the school in countless ways.”

The Canadian newspaper, which has been experiencing newsroom strikes since January this year, was bombarded with disapproval from readers and journalists alike. Initially, after the criticism in social media platforms, editors removed some details from the online story which included the religious references.  But the act was again criticised because of the paper’s  effort on “political correctness.” Subsequently, the story was deleted from the newspaper’s website.

According to The Huffington Post, A Herald worker said that he feels “ashamed to be associated with this paper.”

He said, “I read it and the first thing I thought was ‘Wow. The only thing this article will accomplish is breed ignorance, hatred and intolerance.’ I couldn’t believe it. What I really was shocked about was that it got through the editors.”

A few days back, a Texas Muslim student was called a terrorist by his teacher.