The Canadian government will be stepping up its role in the fight against the Islamic State by employing a capability which reportedly only a “handful of countries” can provide. The Communications Security Establishment, Canada’s electronic spy service, is set to play a more important role in bringing down the ISIS.

The CBC News reported that the CSE is a part of an elite community called the “Five Eyes,” which also includes USA’s National Security Agency.

CSE spokesman Ryan Foreman confirmed that the agency will be working with the Canadian Armed Forces under the country’s anti-ISIS mission in the Middle East, which is known as “Operation Impact.” He refused to divulge any more details on the involvement of the electronic spy service.

“While we are proud of our contributions to CAF’s missions, CSE is obligated to respect the Security of Information Act, and cannot address specific operational questions,” Foreman said.

The role of the CSE has been also confirmed by Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale.

“We are providing new and additional intelligence capabilities in the region and while by its very nature I cannot elaborate, CSIS will have a role to play,” Goodale said. “It will certainly be an increased role to accomplish larger objectives.”

The CTV news reported that Canadian Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan has been dropping indications for weeks that the military is planning to get a more robust intelligence sharing technology on board.

“Enhanced intelligence capability will help protect our forces in theatre as well as those of our coalition and host nation partners,” Sajjan said. “Therefore, we will significantly increase the resources we dedicate to intelligence, both in northern Iraq and theatre-wide. Our intelligence capabilities will help the coalition and Iraqi security forces develop a more sophisticated picture of the threat and improve our ability to target, degrade and defeat ISIL.”

The CSE played an important role alongside the Canadian Army during the Afghan war. It provided crucial battlefield intelligence on the Taliban militants.