The Conservative Saskatchewan Party is expected to sweep to a third consecutive victory in Saskatchewan Province.

After casting his vote on Monday morning Saskatchewan Party Brad Wall said that he was expecting a third consecutive win.

He stated, “I think it’s always good to have the balance. I think government being held accountable is — whoever the government is — is an important part of the system.”

Talking about the last session of government, he said, “I think the NDP did an effective job in opposition on a number of issues … That helps inform government’s actions. That helps us focus a little bit.”

Although, he hopes for a strong opposition Wall wants his party to win the elections, reported CBC News. He noted, “I’d like to see more Sask. Party candidates than New Democrat candidates.”

During his campaign Wall mostly talked about his party’s record since taking office in 2007. The 27-day campaign featured few spending promises and lean party platform, reported Toronto Sun. Wall said that the victory in the election depends on which party has the best team to create job opportunity and fuel economic growth.

He further stated, “we feel like we’ve done everything we could possibly do in a campaign, including stay on the message that we had to offer, be consistent throughout the campaign, avoid some problems perhaps and so I feel confident we’ve run the best campaign we possibly could have run.”

The Saskatchewan Party won last election in a landslide in 2011 with more than 60 percent of the vote along with 49 out of 58 seats. New Democratic Party (NDP) won only 9 seats.

However, neighbouring province Alberta elected NDP last year and overthrew Conservatives after years of power.

According to BBC, the only competition to Wall is Saskatchewan New Democratic Party led by Cam Broten. Broten during his campaign criticized Wall’s government for running a deficit.

Nonetheless, Conservatives are not going to face a defeat as the province has strong agricultural and mining sectors. Moreover, the province’s unemployment rate is low compared to rest of the country.

Last month, recently elected Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau visited US.