You can still find love on dating apps, according to researchers from the University of Australia. Their study, now published in the Journal of Sociology, finds that those who use online dating apps such as Tinder, OKCupid and Grindr are just as likely to find long-term love.

The study involved analyzing the online dating habits of 365 individuals, mostly aged below 30. While these apps are known for creating a “hook-up” culture of short-term relationships, only a quarter of the participants use it for sexual encounters while over half of them use it primarily to find dates.

Of all the online dating platforms, Tinder came on top, with 84 percent of people reporting that they use it. OKCupid comes next, with 30 percent of participants using it.

Nearly three quarters of the participants were just as likely to search for monogamous relationship online. In fact, 14 percent claimed that they were more inclined to look for such relationship when using dating apps.

Lead author of the study Dr Mitchell Hobbs from the University’s Department of Media and Communications said his research showed the negative hype surrounding dating apps bringing about the end to romance was wrong.

“Dating apps are also making it easier for people to meet like-minded individuals. This is especially important for individuals who don’t have the time, or the inclination, to meet people in sites of traditional matchmaking, such as bars and clubs,” adds Mitchell Hobbs from the University’s Department of Media and Communications

Moreover, the participants say they also enjoy the convenience of interacting with a large group of people at once, and the technology prevents them from wasting each other’s time.

Some participants also say that they like the sense of control they have over their dating lives. These online dating platforms are also helpful in learning about people before the participants decide to meet them.

Others reported they enjoyed the sense of control they had over their dating lives and the ability to get to know someone prior to meeting them.

Two thirds of the participants still would like to find love face-to-face but many see online dating apps as legitimate ways of seeking relationships, thus breaking the stigma of online dating.