Prince Charles will succeed Queen Elizabeth to the English throne. Now the million-dollar question is: Will Camilla Parker-Bowles get the Queen title soon?

Do you remember the day when the Prince wedded Camilla in 2005? He issued an official statement according to which his new wife would be called princess consort when Prince Charles becomes King Charles.  The statement cleared Prince Charles’ intentions to the world on that day itself.  Still, there are chances that His Royal Highness might put the title of Queen in front of his beloved wife’s name.

To date, we have seen Prince Charles lead his life as per his choice. While he got married to Lady Diana Spencer in 1981, he continued his extramarital affair with Camilla Parker-Bowles who now uses the title Duchess of Cornwall. It finally led to the royal couple’s divorce. Diana exposed Charles’s affair with Camilla in a book by Andrew Morton’s Diana, Her True Story.

If a royal marriage couldn’t stop the Prince from doing all that he had, it won’t be surprising to see him declaring Camilla Parker-Bowles as the crowned Queen. Sources say Kate Middleton will be dubbed as Princess of Wales when Charles becomes King and the Prince of Wales title passes to Prince William.

Some reports conveyed that Camilla only wants to support her husband, the future King, and will conform to whatever decision will be made by the future King. There has probably been a cold war between the British royals regarding this issue.

How about Queen Elizabeth? Can she stop her son from making Camilla Parker-Bowles Queen when he succeeds to the throne? Of course Her Majesty would require sketching out some kind of contract with a clause that clearly states Camilla will only be known as princess consort and never Queen. If Charles fails to go with the royal guidelines, he might lose his power and the throne as well and be replaced by son Prince William.

The British Royals

The British royals are the most followed royal family in the world, so they are always on the news in one way or the other. Whether Camilla Parker-Bowles will succeed the throne along with Prince Charles, it is not yet known. Most importantly, the news came from a source called Celebrity Dirty Laundry, which is notorious for being debunked by Gossip Cop, so it is wise to take everything with a grain of salt.