Cameron Diaz was accused of the bad smell by Andy Cohen at an Oscars viewing party!

American actress Diaz and U.S. talk show host Andy Cohen were invited to popular talk show host Jimmy Fallon’s home for a friendly Oscars viewing party in February.

The trio had turned the lights off and was geared up to play the ceremony when Diaz detected an odor in the room.

They finally discovered it was Jimmy’s dog that had pooped behind the couch and that Cohen had accidentally stepped in it. It was only recently that Diaz found out that Cohen initially thought she was the source of the horrible smell.

On Wednesday night’s episode of “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,” Diaz sheepishly expressed, “I ran into Andy on the street the other night… He goes, ‘remember when I thought you s**t… you pooped, your pants?!'” “He totally blamed it on me!”

“I think anybody in this room would not assume I c**pped my pants sitting on your coach at an Oscar party… Of course I would not c**p my pants!” before putting on a silly voice and joking, “Why get up? I’ll just do it here!”

“He did not even mention the fact that he actually stepped in the poop and that’s why it was so close to him the entire time,” the 43-year old actress added. “I remember he got off the couch from next to me and went and sat on a chair across (the room).”

What made Andy think that Diaz was the culprit behind that foul smell, we really wonder?

During her appearance on the American late-night talk show “The Sex Tape” star and Jimmy played the drinking game Drinko, where they drop counters down a board to select ingredients for an alcoholic cocktail, revealed Yahoo.

Diaz downed a glass of kale smoothie mixed with salsa verde, while Fallon almost vomited after drinking prune juice with salsa verde.