A Cambodian property tycoon has been jailed for 3 years on Monday for his attack on Actress SaSa. The video footage of the assault was captured on CC TV in July last year, the authorities said. The business magnate was charged with intent to commit violence, said Sok Khemrin, chief of the Interior Ministry’s penal division.

The assault on Ek Socheata, popularly known as SaSa sparked outrage in the public. The incident took place in a Japanese restaurant in Phnom Penh. The Cambodian property tycoon and his armed bodyguard attacked  actress SaSa.  Luckily, she obtained the CC TV footage and uploaded it in Facebook along with images of the injuries she had. The footage shows the two men beating her and kicking her in the head as she desperately tried to defend herself and get up from the floor. The bodyguard also pointed a gun on her head. SaSa said that she was trying to protect one of her friends from the businessman’s advances.

Puth Theavy,  Actress SaSa’s Lawyer commented, “My client said she wanted the case to end at this time, so she will not appeal the verdict. She is accepting the verdict and said it is fair for her.”

According to BBC, the TV star had withdrawn a complaint of attempt to murder. The Cambodian media, at that time, reported that out-of-court-brokered damages had been agreed.

The 37-year-old Cambodian property tycoon , Sok Bun fled to Singapore after the attack but had to come back when Prime Minister Hun Sen called and asked him to give up.

The Prime Minister said, “Don’t think that because you have money you can escape. What you have done is intolerable”

The attack has created a furor in the country where rich are beyond the reach of law, reported The Straits Times. Later, he was arrested by the authorities on his arrival in the airport. He was also fined around $1,500 (AU$2094.24).