We will not be seeing Justin Bieber in Calvin Klein ads for the meantime as the brand has introduced a new face – Frank Ocean.

The singer has been named as the new model of Calvin Klein. The “Channel Orange” hitmaker will be featured in Calvin Klein’s fall collections and there are reasons why we are excited about it.

1. In a video campaign released on Wednesday, Ocean passionately talked about music.

2. Aside from a video, CK also released some images of its new brand model. One of which was Ocean feeling loved by a Marilyn Monroe impersonator in his white Calvin Klein t-shirt.

3. The new CK campaign offers a lot of diversity. Calvin Klein also released clips of interviews with some celebrities. The most motivating video is that of Young Thug, who said in the clip: “I feel like there’s no such thing as gender.”

The #mycalvins campaign also includes Kate Moss, Margot Robbie, Bella Hadid, Cameron Dallas, James Rodriguez and Grace Coddington. Hadid was featured lying on a mirror in nothing but her Calvin Klein jeans. See photo here.

4. Now we know why Ocean has been out of the spotlight for a long time.

We will no longer ask “where is Frank Ocean?” It seems that the major campaign ad for the New York fashion house has kept the R&B artist busy for some time.

5. Finally, CK campaign ad gave a glimpse of hope for fans that Ocean’s much-anticipated album is finally coming.

Ocean earlier teased on social media that he might drop “Boys Don’t Cry” this month. It’s only the seventh day of July and we are still crossing our fingers that the album will be available before the month ends.

Time magazine pointed out that if Frank Ocean has time to be in a Calvin Klein ad, he probably has time to finish the album.

The singer has been teasing the release of his new album for a year. Last week, he posted a photo of a “Date Due” library slip on his Tumblr site. The photo showed the dates of which “Boys Don’t Cry” had been delayed. July 2016 was written at the bottom of the list, but the exact date was blocked out. Ocean’s third album was supposed to be released in July 2015.

His brother, Ryan Breaux, also posted the same photo on Instagram. “BOYS DON’T CRY” was written as a caption with a hashtag “July2016.”


Earlier last month, there have been reports that Ocean’s third album will drop. However, “Boys Don’t Cry” album was seen on record stores.