Calvin Harris wins not just Taylor Swift’s heart, but also their fans’ hearts, yet again. He showed Taylor and the rest of the world how proud and supportive he is of “his beautiful girlfriend.” After Taylor won the “Album of the Year” at the 2016 Grammys, Scottish DJ Harris tweeted a pic of Tay-tay accepting her award, with the text “Congratulations to my beautiful girlfriend.”

Since their official coming-out as a couple during the 2015 Billboard Awards on May 17, entertainment and gossip reporters have been churning out news that comes out on either extreme. Some are all for the couple, highlighting Harris’ public display of his love and support for his girl. Some are reporting stories such as the one published on Radar Online.

According to the report, Harris took advantage of the services of a Thai massage parlour and prompted Taylor to consider breaking up with him. That story prompted Harris to put his Instagram account on Private, and the DJ threatened to sue publications. Since then, the DJ’s Instagram account is back on “Public” status.

Marie Claire has a timeline on the two musicians’ social media posts about the highlights of their relationship. It traces the events involving the couple since their 2015 Billboard Awards “coming out.” Recorded on the same timeline are the times when the DJ expressed his pride and support of Taylor’s voicing out on Apple Music’s payment scheme for artists, among the other highlights as a couple.

At the 2016 Grammy Awards, Taylor was reported to have broken down for missing a note on her performance. HollywoodLife reported that Calvin Harris was quick to understand and support Tay-tay, as always. In more reports of Taylor’s choice to bring Selena Gomez to the Grammys instead of Calvin Harris, HollywoodLife pointed out that Tay-tay wanted to send a message of friendship and girl power. She wanted the world to know that girls don’t need a man in order to stand strong.

Meanwhile, E! Online ran a piece on what Calvin Harris was up to while the Grammy Awards night was happening (he was in the studio working). But, later, he caught up to Tay-tay, and the two were snapped hitting the after-parties. HollywoodLife reported that Harris prepared breakfast in bed for Tay-tay the day after the Grammys.

The Inquisitr has an in-depth report on all Taylor-Harris happenings for the 2016 Grammys.