A teaser is out for the much-awaited DLC for “Call of Duty Black Ops 3” called “Skyjacked”. “Skyjacked” is part of the “Awakening” expansion for “Black Ops 3” and it will look familiar for loyal players of the game.

According to Game Spot, the familiarity of this DLC stems from the fact that it is a re-imagining of the “Hijacked” map from “Black Ops 2”. The website points out that the difference between the two is that “Hijacked” was set on a high-end yacht while “Skyjacked” is set in a futuristic flying ship.

The website further details that “Skyjacked” is only one of the “Awakening” expansion’s four multiplayer maps, the others of which include “Gauntlet”, “Rise”, and “Splash”.

You can watch the trailer below to get a glimpse of “Skyjacked”.

The 17-second video shows a layout and interior design of the flying ship. Given that it is only a teaser, it is no wonder that only a brief portion of the DLC map was shown.

In addition to the four maps already mentioned, iDigital Times reports that included in the upcoming additions is a new Zombie campaign mode called Der Eisendrache.

The new DLC for “Call of Duty Black Ops 3” is scheduled to arrive on PlayStation 4 (PS4) this coming February 2.

According to Game Spot, the content is coming out as a timed-exclusive release for PS4 because of the deal made between Activision and Sony. While PS4 players can expect a concrete date on when “Awakening” will arrive on their consoles, players of the game on Xbox One and PC have to wait a little longer for a release date to be announced.

Still, the burden of waiting for Xbox One and PC are nothing compared to users of Xbox 360 and PS3 since Activision decided to skip the older generation consoles from receiving “Awakening”.