Chloe James and Kelly Ramsay were the controversial villains on ‘My Kitchen Rules’ (MKR) in 2014, renowned for their cockiness and constant bragging.  They now write weekly café and restaurant reviews for the Sunday Times STM section of Perth’s newspaper – a publication with a readership of 321,000 people.

Yesterday, the pair gave Western Perth café West End Deli, a deli that has existed for over 8 years, a 9 out of 20. Yet in 2014, Yahoo! News says that another food critic, Amanda Keenan, gave the deli a 15 out of 20.

The café quickly used social media to respond to Chloe and Kelly’s review. In their review, the ex-MKR contestants wrote “On the walk home, Chloe sighed, ‘Shall we head to Leedy for dinner, take 2?'” But, according to West End Deli, Chloe wasn’t even there. On their Facebook page, the café wrote “Only Kelly Ramsay was in attendance on this evening… We would love to know how Chloe can fairly put her name to a review of a restaurant and food that she has not actually experienced.”

The Facebook post also states that Kelly attended the café in October last year. It reads “Our menu revolves around the best seasonal produce, so with the review printed today, not all dishes mentioned are available and therefore do not accurately reflect our current menu.”

But the most scandalous fact that the post reveals is that after “the spotless plates were cleared” and the bill was handed over to Kelly, her credit card was declined.

The café wrote “She was obviously quite embarrassed and promised to come back the next day and settle the $260 bill. That’s the last we heard of Kelly for close to 7 weeks. We rang, left voicemails and text Kelly numerous times but were ignored completely until late December. It was only when Chloe emailed in December that the bill was begrudgingly settled.”

The cafe goes on to say that being reviewed by someone who tried to avoid payment strongly suggests that the review given is filled with bias.

Many Facebook users have commented on the café’s post to show their support. Among the sentiments shared by those in the comments urged others not to believe everything that is written on the newspaper while others defended West End Deli by saying they never had a negative experience with the cafe.

The Facebook post currently has over 18,714 likes and 4,722 shares.